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Yes this is exactly it! Some people here think its ok to wear next to nothing to just make money to put food on the table, and I agree, if you look hot and you make money for it, that is ok, but I STILL do not agree with strippers, I think its because of what they do. I think they are slutty, can’t help it, accept it and get paid for it. Because I am not so smart and can’t pull in a lot of money with my head, worked in fast food for way to long. And now I work in a pub, and I wear a short skirt, and the girls who have the biggest boobs make the most tips. And yet I still do not see them as slutty girls. Because when we drop something it is a difficult task for all of us to pick it up without showing everything off to the world. Each one of us make sure our skirt is always covering. But each one of us always makes sure we look good for work.. we work hard for our money… But I have had co-workers leave to go strip, and make 1000 bucks a day. And they have said I do it because I can’t afford to live here. I just want to make more money. But I don’t think so, you can make a living here. I make quite enough to pay bills and buy stuff for myself, and my co worker is a single mom, and she can also do it. And even our manager doesn’t make 1000 bucks a day. I figure, just work more hours or Work harder, but to me their personalities are exactly what Laylah said “'please appreciate my breasts and backside because this is how I measure my worth as a human being - and if my assets don’t make me special in your eyes then I'm not special in mine either'.” Because honestly, its not the money, they just tell us that so they don’t have to admit to the truth. The truth they have always been slutty, and now they can get paid for it. I figure if you are a stripper, why not just accept that you are slutty? And you can make WAY more money then us normal, not so smart girls. and you can make WAY more money then my manager. My cousin, said she knew she was slutty, but she would also never strip. and she would also say I really don’t think there is anything wrong with being slutty if that is who you are. but man who is slutty, is called a player. Why is it a man could be a player but a woman is slutty? Kinda feels degrading towards woman.

and I agree, nothing wrong with being slutty, or a "female player" I just don’t like my husband looking at them. as it is disrespectful to me

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