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[QUOTE=midnightblu22;3124456]ots weird reading all this stuff about girls and what they wear and differentiating sluts/slutty behaviour lol. if this was 3 years ago and id be ranting on about this lke a mad woman. shorti you are obvoiusly secure with yourself which is good but its understandable why lucinda would say such harsh words and label these girls, even though its not very nice. it takes time to build yourself up if you got low self esteem. even though i kno its totally wrong to judge women for what they wear cos i wear similar stuff on occasions, i really think its something built into us, kind of like a natural instinct. women have this protective instinct inside of them that goes back to primal days where we looked after the kids and men were the hunters blah blah we feel we need to keep our men from straying and any other woman , EVEN if shes the sweetes nicest person ever,we will instantly take a dislike to if shes strutting around half naked cos our first reaction to that is insecurity and alot of the time jealousy but we dont know its that as we'd hate to look deep enough inside ourselves to admit it was! but it is that , because we want our men to look at US like that and we want to be the ONLY ones they look at like that. so we call these girls all these names yet we want our men to give us the same attention![/QUOTE]

i have to agree with you on this one. i used to be very insecure myself. i was overweight and not that attractive. in fact my first real boyfriend only happened last year and im 22 now. i used to put women down too because of my low self esteem back then. im sure we are all guilty of it at some stage. however if u do have a low self esteem and put others down, its not going to help u in the long run and help u to overcome that insecurity. it will make things worse and seem as if ur the one in the wrong. its just best to ignore these women regardless of what they look like, how they dress or if their actions are right or even wrong. to the OP, your boyfriend is with you and hes not hiding u from these cruises so u really have nothing to worry about. just ignore these girls and pay no attention to them. if u do, they will probably get a big head over the fact they are making other girls jealous. its completely natural to get a little jealous over other girls but try not to let it damage ur relationship.

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