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This quote is really true and sometimes it makes me very sad because I used to be the average looking dude looking at the slightly better looking one while the fat ugly person was trying super hard to get in my pants. Um, it is sad but true when this happens but it also seems to just be natural and people will look at whoever looks better. BUT beautiful people's sex and relationships are not always wonderful or pleasent or last long...sometimes they are horrible. So, people forget to account for the personality and character. I've met physically ugly people who also had nasty personalities...and I've met a ton of beautiful people who are rude and fit for personality disorder criteria LOL and would never want to be intimate with those types again, and I have only 3 done so and made a huge mistake, I've felt burnt for months doing so.

One thing to consider is that I went from average looking to about 9 out of 10on the hot scale. I am not very buff or the tallest guy but I am fit and have a real youthful look and body (People usually think I am still a teen) and still guys are not chasing after me at gay dance clubs. It just doesn't happen even if you are really really cute.

I have empathy, so when I go to a gay dance club I pick an average guy who looks like he just wants to dance and have fun, I ask him to dance with me and just have good fun without playing the nasty and hurtful politics that the beautiful people play.

ALso there is a rule that some hot people will not date anybody that they think is hotter than they are, they date down.

does that help

[QUOTE=EDC_Light;3135155]Harmony17, I not only FEEL "not good enough", . . . I am keenly aware of the fact. If I find them at all attractive, I'm sure they can do better. If a girl is interested in me, I just don't find them attractive. This has been the case in my life for most of my adult life. I'm 39 (today, actually).

This seems like it happens all the time. You have an unattractive person looking at a fairly unattractive person, who is looking at a nearly attractive person, who is looking at a modestly attractive person, who is looking at a quite attractive person, who is looking a very attractive person, who is looking at themselves in the mirror. *shrug*

There are a few girls that, if I was actively searching for a girlfriend, who I find attractive. They aren't extremely attractive girls, but they have great personalities and it shows on their face. However, when I personally look at the situation, they can do much better than me, and they deserve to, actually. This isn't a put down on myself, necessarily. I have a great personality, can make girls laugh, have talent, have a caring attitude, . . . . . but there are guys who have great personalities, who can make girls laugh, who are talented and caring. . . . in a better looking package.

So, "not feeling good enough", . . . . . I'm right there with you. It could be that we both are wrong. ;)[/QUOTE]

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