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Thanks for the posts.

He's not to the point of a restraining order by any means.. he's just a butthole.

I logged onto the computer later on yesterday and he sent me some msgs asking very nicely to read the email.. that it was sincere and not mean. So i gave him the benefit of the doubt... I read the email.

It was long... and it basically was him pouring his heart out... which I don't recall happening before.. He doesn't express himself.. ever. So that email so full of emotion must have been hard. On the other hand.. when speaking of what went wrong in our relationship and what bothered him... i get the feeling that he still doesn't get the degree of how bad he hurt me.. and he seems to blame me for everything that happened... We're never going to agree on what went wrong... and thats fine with me.. we're not together so it doesnt matter.

After I read the email.. I asked him what he wanted to come of that email.. I didn't really understand the purpose.. We got to talking and I suspected this was all because he knew i was getting on with my life.. and then he started going on about how he met the perfect girl... beautiful, educated, fun... but when he was with her all he could think of was his family?... meaning.. me and our son... So I was confused... he wanted nothing to do with me for months.. and now this? He wants me to consider getting back together. Personally I think he's jealous and lost his mind.. haha.

Oh.. and those texts I was telling you about "just wanted to let you know that i f'ing hate you" .... well.. I found out what that was all about. I had a big weekend planned... first pub crawl, heading out with friends and stuff... He knew I was going to be hanging out with the new guy.. So he drove 500km.. 5hours away just so he didnt have to see me with the new guy. He drove there after work and didnt arrive until 1am. He went to the club, got drunk.. and slept in his car. At which point he was obviously feeling very low.. and sent me that text. I felt very badly about that... he drove that far to get away from me and he spent the night in his car...

I honestly have no interest in getting back together.. I dont have feelings for him like that anymore.. And I think I'd need to be brainwashed to ever forgive what I've been threw. He wants to be a family... Obviously that would be great... in a perfect world. I just dont know if I should do it.. He believes ppl can change.. I dont. We are who we are. You can change lifestyles.. sure, but not people.


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