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Firstly, this is a serious issue. I need help with this or I will lose my girlfriend - my life. (No, i'm not talking suicide. But i'd dead inside without her.)
So ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

I've been with my girlfriend for just over a year. We're both 19. We've got a unit together and have been planning a future, including talk of having children in the near future.

She recently went out clubbing with friends, which she doesn't do often, and came home at 8am the next day after passing out and waking up in a hotel room. I noticed today that there was a 'hickie' on her neck. Something i've not given her in a long time...

She told me that she's addicted to the first part of a relationship, the excitement of meeting a new guy etc. And that she had been with another guy that night, nothing serious. And she feels really bad about it and how she can't control herself. She said it's an addiction and she wants my help in fixing it.

She suffers depression and has recently been put on medication for it. This might have something to do with it. She had a lot of problems with her father who was never around for her, and this has really affected her.

Our relationship is really strong, but she has trouble controlling herself after she's had a bit to drink and she has guys hitting on her from all over the place.

She wants me to go out with her every time she goes out, so I can be there with her. Which I will be doing from now on.

We're both scared that this problem will cause the end of the relationship, which neither of us wants.

What can I, or WE, do to help overcome this addiction???

Please help us! She is my life.

If you are going to comment, please don't say things like "Just leave her" or "It's not worth it" or "Of course she can control herself!" I don't need that. And we're not giving up on this...

PLEASE... Please help me...

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