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See i dont know what to say, i know if this were me, and i were to find out my girl went clubbing, and got with some guy who gave her a hickey on her neck, id leave her, no second thoughts. As much as i love her, i wouldnt date someone who has cheated on me. She knew the risks she was taking by doing it, and apparently those risks were worth it.

I dunno you have two choices, at least two that i see:

1) Treat it as a real addiction. Assume that she really has no control over what she does, and stick with her while she tries to fix it for you. But if you do this, you have to lay the rules down, tell her how you feel about her cheating, and what consequences she will face if she does it again. And if it does happen again, whatever you do, follow through with the consequences, if you say you two are over if it happens again, make sure you are over for a couple weeks. Because if you just say "Oh, its okay, just dont let it happen again", she wont really feel threatened, and theres a really good chance of her doing it again.

2) Leave her now, tell her that you need the break because its really messed up of what she did to you. As many serious talks as you have with your girlfriend, you have to realize, that there are other people out there, and many of those people you will have the same "kids and marriage" talk with. She cheated on you, its obvious, she is not committed to your relationship. Taking her back once is already risky enough, if it happens again, leave her and dont look back. Find someone who can respect you, respect your relationship with her.

Personally, i think option 2 is better. I really dont believe in an addiction just like that, its more of "lack of respect for your boyfriend/girlfriend" or "lack of respect for yourself". She doesnt seem to care, i mean if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you go out clubbing, personally i think thats a red card right there. Clubbing is primarily to meet new people of the opposite sex or just to hook up with them. If you have someone, there really isnt too much of a point to go clubbing unless you dont have respect for yourself, dont have respect for your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just flat out dont care about your relationship. Just talk to her, see how she really feels. Personally i dont think theres any addiction at all, she just disrespects you, and if you take her back, shes going to keep walking all over you.

Be careful with your decision. Both options can end well, and both options can end horribly.
I understand enjoying and even craving all the excitment that comes with a new crush, or relationship. But truely being in love, and caring for one person so deeply.. it doesn't even compare... not to me at least.

I agree with a lot of what some of the others has said. This isn't an addiction. It's an excuse, and even manipluation. She's trying to use this excuse to make you feel bad for her so that you won't be angry. She needs self-control. If she knows that she lets her guard down after a few drinks, then she shouldnt drink.

She's young, you're both young. She wants to have fun without feeling bad about it.

I definintely feel that she's pulled the wool over your eyes. The only help she needs is controlling her hormones. You shouldn't have to baby sit while she's out at the bar. She should care enough about you, or respect you enough, to remain faithful, fight any temptation that may be there. She needs to ask herself if she'd rather have "no strings attached" fun, or have a committed relationship. And you need to ask yourself if you can be with a girl who can't give you the respect and committment that you want and deserve.

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