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Yes, I see your point. My ex, he would never have insisted on cutting my brother out, well he couldn't have anyway because my brother and I lived together at that time, so we were in each other's lives whether we wanted to be or not. But no, my ex never would have pulled anything like that. He tried very hard to get along with my parents and my brother.But if he had insisted I cut my brother out, I don't think it would have lasted very long. I just can't believe my brother hasn't even tried to talk to me or get some clarity on the situation or anything, just poof, vanishes. That just really hurts. But I never told him not to get back with her, I just wanted him to use his head and be careful. He asked me point blank if he should take her back and he said "it's probably not a very good idea, huh?" and I said "well, what would you say to me if my ex came back into my life and wanted me back? but having said that, if he sincerely wanted to try again, I'd probably take him back, so i can't tell you not to take her back, I know you've gotta do what your heart tells you to do." That's not so bad, I don't think. I was just really concerned about him getting played, and him ending up catching something, since she was with a couple of other guys during their break up.

I'm not even sure if there's anything I could say or do to make things better at this point, since his girlfriend is the one pulling all the strings, and if she wants me out of his life, then that's where I have to be I guess. At the party she ws really sweet to my mom, hugged her and everything, and tried to be nice to me, and I was polite to her. I didn't say anything snarky to her, but I suppose maybe a little stand offish. I don't know, it just makes me sad.

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