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Hi again. I never said that the siblings disowned her. His brother is really busy working and has 3 kids and his sister doesn't live close though if she made the effort she could see their Mom.

As far as him staying with his Mom, I do believe he is because he sends me at least 5 e-mails every day and lets me know all the details what's going on.

He has told me stories about when he did bring his ex-wife over to meet his Mom and how his Mom ripped her apart. My Mom is no angel either and the only reason I let her meet my bf was because she showed up at my house all bend out of shape because she knew I was dating a guy and thought that because I didn't call her, that something bad happened to me. That's when I decided to introduce them.

Bf told me that his therapist said that his Mom looks at him like her husband (who passed away) because he gives her attention.

I told my bf today that 6 days staying at his Mom's is really stretching it and he apologized to me and sent me another 4 e-mails besides telephone calls.

I think he may be angry with me because we talked about him moving in with me (I own my house) last week and at the last minute, I changed my mind which he keeps bringing up in his e-mails.

He keeps telling me that he loves me more than I love him so he may be insecure about me. He is more open compared to myself as I am used to keeping all my feelings inside. I really do love him but I do have this fear issue and look for excuses to break up with him.

I'm not used to wanting to need someone or depend on another and this is what has been happening. I was fine being alone before I met him and never expected to fall in love with him. He did tell me before he left that I needed time to reflect... what does that mean anyway?

Maybe this sheds some light on the situation??


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