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Something seems wrong, but there is also an extremely high chance that its putting way too much thought into it.

Reasons why it seems okay. Its a decent drive, 1 to 1.5 hours away, every day, for about a week straight. Maybe she was having some medical issues, she is 78 after all, maybe she was having an emotional time, and she needed her son, maybe it was some legal matters so she needed to see her son. Or for all you know, the two just wanted to spend time with each other. I am close to both my mother and father, i know i would be at their side no matter what, so i would take the 1 to 1.5 hour drive a few times a week just to see them.

Reasons why it doesnt seem okay, its just one week, and not the next.

I think its okay honestly, there is way more logic behind that, rather than the logic behind saying something is up. I mean yeah, its a very valid reason to be on a bit more worried level, but there really is no point to jump to conclusions. Just ask him about it, dig for answers, see if it all matches up. If things dont, then talk to him and try to dig more. If they all match up, its just over thinking the matter. Honestly i think its nothing, but nobody except him can say for sure.

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