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I think he is a liar. That is my gut. I am very, very angry and it is done. However, I am going to lay it on the line tonight. I am going to tell him I don't know what your intentions were or are going forward, however, please lose my number and don't call me. I am going to tell him that I thought we were friends and that I've given him every single opportunity to be honest with me and he hasn't. My girlfriend tells me that he is a guy and he is attracted to me obviously and that he probably wants to continue to see me on his terms. Not fair, not right and quite selfish. Maybe it is that he is too immature for me (or just a liar and player). However, I am going to tell him we cannot see each other and that I don't really think that we are friends. I will have to see him from time to time and it probably be uncomfortable but what can you do, that is life. I've never ever been treated like a tramp until now. I seriously think his behavior is bad.......not for me very scary. That temper or anger is quite upsetting and I will tell him that as well.

I would have respected him more if he came right out and told me that he didn't want to see me or hang with me anymore. Why hasn't he done that friendof? You're a guy, pls. tellme from a man's point of view....why he hasn't done that.

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