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You have it right. We didn't fight or blow up........and we need or should talk about it for sure. Boundary lines are key.....I can put up with feeling hurt about something but as I mentioned earlier...but as I mentioned earlier...I could never talk about someone cheating, hitting me or lying. That is not tolerable in my book. Other than that I don't want to be screamed or cursed at or called horrible names. I can talk....I can't do the screaming thing, been there too many times with my ex. I too just bit my tongue for fear of making a very bad situation worse. I am not a dummy though, and I cannot be put on mute either...I am human and have feelings just like he or any man does.

You seem to have it all is good that you found someone you can have a healthy happy relationship with. I am not sure what will happen should he come to talk to me but I hope we can talk about things like 2 civilized adult humans. I told him that i thought we took the time to be friends before anything else......and he said it means a lot that we are let's see what happens. The good thing is that I am calm today....I don't know why but I feel calm...I hope it isn't the calm before the storm. My gut tells me that it will be ok.....I am not sure that my gut is right though. Who knows...only he knows. He said he cares about me...funny eh? He also said he thinks the world of me. However, I said I hope you don't hate me. He said, I could never hate you no matter what happens between us. That doesn't sit well with me which tells me that he is thinking he is gone. Fine...If and when we talk I promised myself I would not cry no matter what (not in front of him anyway). You know what Friendof, I am tired of me always thinking there is something wrong with me. My ex used to scream, yell curse get in my face and then tell me it is me. I never conducted myself in that way..I never spoke to him the way he spoke to me but when we broke up I thought it was all my fault.......I didn't want to marry him because I knew I would end up leaving him because of his temper/behavior. I knew it. I didn't want to end up divorced. It was him and he fought with everyone and even had a filthy mouth with his mother which caused a fight between him and his father and the family (he and his mom and dad) didn't speak for 2 years!!!! Just had to say he was sorry for saying MF in front of his mom and he wouldn't do it! He was always right you know. I had a boyfriend once that I dated for 1-1/2 years. He complimented me and was very respectful with his mouth. He told me once when I yelled that he would not yell back and he would not hit below the belt. I learned from him that that was the way it is supposed to be. He too wasn't the most patient person but we got along and I really loved him....he broke my heart. They say people are put in your life for a reason.....perhaps this guy if it doesn't work out was the way for me to move on from my ex....I was having a hard time and trying so hard to give up any kind of contact which I have. He called me about a month ago.....and I never returned the call. Maybe that is why this guy came into my help me ove forward for good. Only God knows.

I am tired of beating myself and thinking there are all these things wrong with me.........the guys today are crazy too and the woman put up with a lot of crap but these guys don't realize it. They want to do what they want when they want, don't wany to anser to anyone, they want their buddy time, they want to have sex when they want sex, etc. We sort of have no say sometimes and today....we women are very independent and we won't sit back and shut up...sorry. I am human. I have feelings and opinions and moods just like the next woman and I can't make excused for it.

I feel down but it is what it is.

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