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Hi you guys..............I miss you!

As for this guy....he said he wanted to be honest with me and didn't think it would be right to call me or go out with me with her still in the picture. I guess I can say...thanks for being honest! Ugh. He thinks she is cheating on him with her ex (her ex has a lot of $$$). You know, I am a nice person........I listened to his crap........w/o hanging up on him. He asked me if it would be ok for him to keep my number and later down the road call me should they not work out. I siad to him sure but in order to call me you need to be completely free and clear and done with her. FYI guys...I have not intention of ever dating him. He said to seem like a really nice person.....I said...I am a nice person.

As for my crush....we are just friends, honestly. he looked me up and down today.....but that is a guy thing. He told me .....I never said I was lonely. I think my attitude is good. I told him he was an A_ _ and that he should fast forward ......I said "you aren't always going to look like that". He laughed. I was nice though, I wanted to be cold but I just can't. He is a nice guy. He said he doesn't think into the future he goes day to day. WHo said I'm lonely? I said...I never did say that to you. Why would he even mention lonely to me? I guess he wants to come off like big guy. Idiots...all Idiots...except you Friendof! :)

So glad your GF is at your you can't wait to spend the weekend together.

Tarheel...hows your significant other? :)

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