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yes, you are correct. I hung out with him last night. Something happened in his newly constructed room, that he did, and it almost ruined the whole brand new wall. He called me up and told me. Said he was upset and to co come see it. I went over to see it and we worked on it until the stains/damage was almost unnoticable. He came by me afterward and we hung out a bit. He said he called the person up who did the work and told him what happened but said "my girlfriend" did it. Looked at me and started laughing. He said he didn't want to take the blame, he felt so stupid about what he applied to the new wall, etc. Girlfriend? Then he said later on in the evening.......(as I asked if his friends knew that we hung out)...he said, do they know we mess around. Now friendof....what is this kind of crap. Mess around? I don't know what is in his head but I or he can go mess around anywhere. He knows that it isn't myt hing. I got very upset...and he knew it. I mean.......I don't want to lable it as boyfriend/girlfriend but I certainly don't like the words "mess around". I am going to bring up going out too. I know our hours are very different and it is tough but I want to go out in public if he doesn't then there is certainly a problem and this whole thing is going to stop. I know he likes me, he told me tht last night. He said, you aren't always nice....I said...I never claimed to be perfect but I think I've been more than nice to you (which I certainly am very nice to him) but I still like you. I am nice....too nice and that is why I end up getting hurt...but this time I won't.

He is nice too, very senstive and I told him this morning (as he got annoyed once again at me lst night) that I feel like I am walking on eggs.....I never know if what I am saying is the right thing. I told him that his sense of humor and my sense of humor are different when it pertains to certain things like being intimate/sex with someone. I said it is private and shouldn't be discussed with anyone. I told him that I know he does things to get a reaction out of someone......which is what he has told me..that is his warped sense of humor, then I told him...well you got a reaction out of me and then proceeded to get annoyed or upset with me. He said, it's over, forget it. He said (jokingly) that I know I am pushing his buttons and I told him honestly, I don't know I am doing that to you. You got the reaction and then you got mad.

I want to see what is up here. I don't think he does well in relationships because he is so sensitive. This is unfamiliar for me as it is usually me that is overly sensitive, now I'm dealing with someone like me! is like looking in the mirror! :)

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