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Friendof, I do over analyze everything...although he doesn't know just how much. I saw him last was ok. PMS I think is contributing to this terrible mood of mine (although the hormones seem more balanced today). Crazy, crazy. Anyway, it was ok, he said he was sleeping when I called....he works ridiculous hours..... I said in a joking way (but meant it, between you and I) you complained that I have your phone number for months, and then you don't even call me back when I use it! :) He laughed but I got my point across I'm sure. We had a nice time...I think, comes over and eats all my junk food. I saw him when I was going out this morning and he talked to me for a while. He is having something done at his place today and he was getting nervous about it. I said look, it is going to be absolutely beautiful when it is done, it was worth the mix up and the wait. Don't stress.

This is what it is. I am hanging out with him for only a month. He is someone I am seeing...however, he isn't my boyfriend so he owes me nothing and the same in reverse (of course except for respect for each other and friendship).

Good grief guys...I am coming back as a man in my next life......I swear.....this hormonal thing can get anyone nutty. Friendof....take a good look at it...and try to be sensitive if your GF should ever have a mood shift instantly! :) Oh..he said to me last night, what's're so meloncolly (sp.?). Is said I think PMS kicked in. He said...again...didn't we just go through this. He laughed. I said, you need to be nice and say to me that tomorrow will be better...and it is just temporary. He said...did you feel it happen? Yes I said, this afternoon. He asked if something brought it on...I said no...just hormones! :) I should have said yes....over analyzing you! ;) That's it. Not good, not bad. It is what it is right?

Ugh...I think I need a psychiatrist.....I am pretty together for the most part....but PMS can push me off kilter completely. I think I need a pill and a vacation. Even my mom told me my mood was terrible yesterday (just by the sound of my voice).

I am wondering what goes through his head (other than wanting to have sex ....ha!). I think he has said to me repeatedly that he hasn't had this happen in a very long time.....feeling very aroused....and just by kissing me. so I guess that's a compliment. sometimes taking the time to get to know someone and then getting involved with somone you like or care for makes the difference. I think.....

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