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Boyfriend is moving
Aug 10, 2007
Well my boyfriend is moving house soon, its only about 40 mins away and we both have cars. We've talked before about the distance (even though its not THAT far) and maybe it wouldn't work but he put my mind at rest that we'd visit eachother and he wouldn't just disappear. Afterall, he has friends in another city and regularly visits them.

However yesterday he completely changed his mind, he said he was happy with me and enjoyed my company but it wouldn't work out and split up with me "for the time being" because I had to go to work.

We spoke about it today when we had time and got back together but only til he moves (which is before the end of the month). It's really upset me because I think he's giving up a good relationship for nothing and I'm dreading when the time comes for him to move. It might not work but I think its atleast worth trying, what should I say to him? or should I just move on?

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