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My bf and I have been dating for almost a year and a half. Every time he doesn't call me when he says he's going to or doesn't answer when I call him or something like that, I always think of the worst (like he's dead, or cheating on me). I'm especially keen on the cheating one. I live far away from him and only see him on the weekends. There are a few girls that flirt with him constantly and he says he likes the attention. Recently they both began txting him. He says he'll show me all of the txts they send him, but I can't help but feel like he really won't, he'll just show me the harmless ones. Also, he has his phone set to where if his inbox gets too full it'll automatically delete each message (he'll have 50 messages in his inbox and get another one and still have 50 but it'll delete the least recent). Last night he was hanging out with this girl and his brother. I read the txts she sent him after he left and they were like "I had a lot of fun" and "I want to hang out with you again" and stuff like that. Pretty much what someone would txt another person after a first date. And then this morning he "couldn't sleep" and was txting her again and then there were two messages deleted from his outbox so he only had 48/50. I immediately thought that he was trying to hide something from me. He said they were just forwards.

Will I ever get over this or am I doomed to spend the rest of my life sullen and alone?

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