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[QUOTE=redsoxgirl2418;3156265]Just out of curiousity, do you have any other out of the ordinary symptoms? Irregular periods, excess hair anywhere, hair falling out, too hot/too cold when other people are comfortable, things like that?[/quote]Yep. My periods are extremely irregular. I was looking up symptoms of that, I think I have a very extreme case of Secondary Amenorrhea. I do have the hair problem (excess...I shave it), but that could be because of the Secondary Amenorrhea.

Hmm, I have ovarian cysts (forgot the medical term for the condition). I was diagnosed with that as a teenager. My periods were irregular then, too. I'd have long gaps without having one.

I'm [i]always[/i] hot too. Drives me crazy! Even during the winter, in my room, I sometimes have to have the window cracked and my vent closed so that no heat comes into my room, and a fan going. I don't understand that at all. I drink water all the time, as I know it's good for you, but I never stay cool. You'd think I was going through menopause. lol

I don't sweat either, unless it just happens to be extremely hot outside and I'm in it for a long period of time (maybe). Even when exercising I don't, even though my heart rate is up and such from the exercise.[quote]btw, your lack of job is of course going to add to your feelings of worthlessness. Are you actively seeking a new job?[/quote]Definitely. The day after I lost my job I was putting in applications. I have bills that need to be taken care of. Two in particular are the Children's Christian Fund and my Japanese Classes. These have been paid for the month of August, so no probs there. I just really hope to get a job soon (I'm going on interviews; I have 3 for this week, as a matter of fact), those two things I'd really hate to give up. I love the Japanese makes me feel upbeat and inspired, since it's something I truly enjoy. The CCF, because I would hate to stop sponsoring the two kids.[quote]You need to, and when you get your insurance--RUN to a new physician, let him/her examine you, tell them everything, and ask for a referral to an endocrinologist. Think about if all these years of misery could be reversed with a simple operation or some hormone therapy?[/QUOTE]That would be incredibly ironic. I just hope that whatever job I get actually offers me insurance. My last job didn't, even though it was full-time. I have a cousin who's the manager of a retail store, and he doesn't even get insurance. People sure are stingy and cheap now-a-days...[QUOTE=EddieDean;3156270]I just did a search on tonsillectomies and weight gain. Sure enough, there are quite a few people out there who have experienced the same problem as you. Many of them gained 40-50 pounds in their year following their tonsillectomy. I'm definitely NOT a doctor and really have no idea why this occurred, but you are definitely not alone.[/quote]Wow, and just to think...I had them out twice because of my being a "rare one" since they decided to grow back. ><;[quote]Why did you have your tonsils out? Many of these people had sleep apnea. I had mine out due to chronic sore left me with a somewhat nasally voice, but no more pain![/quote]I don't really remember to be honest. I do remember my mother saying that I would stop breathing in my sleep and snore loudly. I'm positive about the "stop breathing part". Well, I'm assuming. I used to always have a dream where I couldn't breath right, and was gasping for air. I always felt like I was being smothered by a pillow or something and would tell myself to wake up. It was horrible. It was a "reoccurring" dream, but never a long one as I would wake up and catch my breath.

I also remember always having infections (although, that was my ears...found out it was due to milk and dairy products [lactose intolerant] after all these years) and my throat being sore.[quote]Endocrinologists specialize in hormones. They look at your brain and all of its' parts (pituitary, thyroid, hypothalmus, etc.) and measure your hormone levels in relation to your menstrual cycle, symptoms, etc. If there was a hormone imbalance created by the tonsillectomy, that could very easily effect your sex drive, cause feelings of depression, and even relate to your diabetes.[/quote]Diabetes too? Even though it's hereditary in my family? My father has it, his mother died of it. My mother's mother has it (but I think it's from age). My mother's father died of it (he was very young, too; mom said she was still 8 when he died).[quote]Glad to hear you aren't have suicidal thoughts anymore. Nobody deserves to deal with that! I hope you find peace and happiness in your life and perhaps can discover the cause of some of your maladies. As someone with three VERY rare disorders, getting diagnosed was extremely difficult. Now that I know what they are and how to handle them, my quality of life has improved to a place I never knew possible![/QUOTE]It would be nice if some doctor could figure out what the heck my problem is. Maybe if I had a sex drive, I'd feel more comfortable when my boyfriend gets into an intimate mood.

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