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Hello all.

I'm 25 and have never had a boyfriend, until last year. I'm overweight, and have never really been approached by any guy before. I've always had "guy friends" and have lost "friends" who have betrayed my trust and such.

Anyway, the guy I did end up hooking up with is very nice and sweet. Intelligent as well. I like being around him...but, I still get depressed and feel incredibly insecure because of the relationship. He's blind, he's smaller than me in size and height, and I keep trying to look past those things, and put it in the back of my mind, but it still keeps plaguing it. I keep thinking, "Is the only kind of guy I can attract, is a guy who can't literally see me?" I don't even know why I'm so insecure...although, I never thought of myself as "pretty" or "attractive" either. Anyway, I know I shouldn't have these insecurities, as his fondness of me should be enough.

Is there anything one could suggest for me to get around this insecurity issue? I've never been intimate with him, for other reasons (lack of a sex drive, mostly), and hte fact that I do keep thinking back to that. He really seems to be into me, but, I just wish he'd dump me. He'd be better off with someone else. I can't seem to have sex, I can't get intimate with him, etc.

On his side, I doubt he even notices, since I always approach him with a smile and a cheery disposition (very typical of me when around others), but once we part, I'm gloomy and depressed since I think about it. I don't know how long I can keep this up. We've been together for almost an entire year, and we still haven't "gone all the way", but that just shows how sweet he is. Even though we aren't active, he still acts incredibly affectionate with me and doesn't force the issue, as he knows I'm a virgin (he probably just associates it with my being scared).

Anywho, what should I do to get over this stuff?

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