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Here's my story... My ex bf asked for his his time and space last december 2006. he gave me so many reasons that i dont even know which one should i believe... 1st reason *he's mom just died last year and he was so depressed because he wasn't able to apologized to his mom before she died. we went to sacramento last november 2006 to spend thanksgiving with his family but it turned out to be awful since we had a huge fight because of some stupid things. so.... he decided to go back here in L.A. without even saying sorry to his mom. I apologized since i know that we acted immature in front of his parents and i hugged his mom before we left. but before that happened i asked him to stay for just one more night at his parents' house to just cool down the situation and he got mad at me because of that. he thought that i just want to hear all the words that his dad would tell against him but in my mind i dont want to leave because that's just a sign of disrespect. so.. in short he blamed me for everthing that happened to him especially that he chose me over his family. i didnt ask him to do that because i know that family comes first but then he has an unbeateble pride and chose not to talk to his mom until one day he found out that his mom was dying and it was too late...

2nd reason * after the tragedy he decided to focus on his studies especially that he just realized that he wasted so much time when he was still young. im the one who convinced him to go back to school when i met him and he was encouraged by me. he was worried about money and his work so i helped him with his financial aid and everything. when he asked for his time and space i asked him if he still loves me and he said he will always love me. i believed in him and decided to just let go because i want him to achieve his goals in life and i believe that if we're meant to be then it will be. however, before all these confusions he already lied to me so many times like he talked to a girl at his work for 3 hours and they even talked during the midnight. when i strated to have this intuition that he was lying to me i turned to be paranoid coz i was so mad that if prolly i didnt check our phone acct. since we're in a family plan i would never know that he was lying to me all these time. i gave him so many chances he even watched a movie with this girl/other guy friend and got into an accident with her but he never learned.

i am so depressed coz i gave him my everything he was the only guy that i trusted and the only relationship that lasted for a year coz most of my ex's i had was a long distance relationship (it's either me moving to other state or my partner) in that case i do understand that i have to let go coz i cant do anything about it. but with him i dont really know what he wants. plus, i found out that he was collecting cell phone numbers and chatting with other girls on *******. it really broke my heart but i still forgave him :(

now, pls... help me... last semester i did get a 'D' on my final grade in one of my classes and decided to tell him that i'm done with him and we're finally over. i wont let him to ruin my life just because of all the confusions he brought up to me. i was doing good in all my classes but then i failed this one since i cant concentrate. all i think is him and i felt so desperate that despite of all the things he did to me i still love him. but i know i have to move on since it's not going anywhere. i already waited enough time for him to decide about us its been 8 months now. now here's the thing he was planning to go to my house this week to drop off my graduation pictures since my mom asked for it. he texted me after i told him that i dont want to talk to him or see him ever again. i think he's taking advantage of it coz he knows that im still in love with him and i hate him for that since he even told me that im weak. i even told him that i dont want to be his friend anymore since when we decided to be friends and we started to hang out again we just argue. he's trying to change me coz he thinks that im immature. everytime i act immature or something that annoys him he'll just get mad at me and nag at me. he would still kiss me on the forehead and hugged me before he leaves. i asked him what is that for? coz friends dont usually kiss even in forehaed. he just told me that i was taking it differently. one time before i told him that we're finally over i just told him that i cant wait any longer and wanted to move on so he just cried in front of me which confused me more so i decided to stay. my ex bf was 7 years older than me and he just treat me like piece of ****

ok im sorry it was a long story but i think i have to write everything so everyone who reads this would know all the details. pls... dont say anything that would hurt me more coz im really depressed even thinking of committing suicide.... it really hurts me since he moved on without even telling to me. the things that i dont get he still wants to pay for my phone bill even though i already told him that i dont want to be his friend anymore. he told me that he'll call me before wednesday before he go to my house though i told him he can just text me or call my house number. im really confuse i dont know what he wants because if for him we're really over then i dont think he'll still pay for my phone and he's been paying my phone for 8 months the thing that i dont really get is why now? when we used to be together i pay for my own bill. he was the one who asked for his and space and now that im really decide to give it to him permanently as if he still dont want to let go and still wants somehow to have connection with me.

i dont know where i went wrong im dating other guys right now and it seems that im happy with them no arguments or anything but i dont know why i cant forget about him.Guys pls... tell me waht to do? tell me what do you guys think whe he told me about his time and space? do you guys think he still care for me at least? if you're in position what would you do? what are the best ways to forget someone who hurts you? do i have to be ***** to him so he would know that i really meant when i told him that we're over so he would stop? pls... help me.

to help you guys think im only 24 and he's turning 31 next month. he still go to school and so am i. he lives on his own and i still live with my parents. thank you guys for spending your time reading this and im loking forward to your replies.

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