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I have a boyfriend who has more female mates than guy friends. I used to be jealous of them because my boyfriend's home town is far away and when he went home I knew he was hanging out with a bunch of girls who I hadnt met before and my thoughts got carried away, I used to think they were all page 3 models or something after my boyfriend. I would wonder if they knew that my boyfriend was with me or if I was being kept a secret etc.


After meeting them all they are a lovely bunch of girls who are really laid back, they are pretty much all coupled up aswell which is good. I felt so much better after meeting everyone. My boyfriend tells me everything thats going on in their lives so I am never shut out and there are never any "secret" conversations or texts to be worried about.

Basically what I am trying to say, is make sure you include your girlfriend. It seriously makes things easier and puts a gals mind to rest. Include her in whats going on with your friends too, like any news or gossip etc.

This is just my opinion, I mean your girlfriend could just be down right posessive..which is a totally different ball game altogether.

Anywho good luck :)

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