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[QUOTE=rosequartz;3154961]it you keep your female friends seperate from your girlfriend or is your girlfriend included and welcome to meet them?[/QUOTE]

I agree with this too!

If you are keeping your female friends away from her then she has every reason to be jealous. If it is all out in the open and she is free to meet with them and hang out and they all know that you are with your girlfriend and in love and happy then that's a different story. Most reasonable girls will not be jealous unless there is a reason to be.

My husband had many female friends when we started dating. He never lied about any of them and I met all but one of them in a pretty short span of time. I never had a problem with any of the ones I met and got to know (including one of his best friends that he dated briefly), only the one who was never around when I was. So of course I was pestering him about her and wanted to know why she would only come over when I wasn't there. She use to get mad when he would go out with me and not her and her friends. He assured me there was nothing to worry about but I insisted that I got to meet her asap or there was going to be trust issues with me. I did finally meet her when we all went out for his birthday. The only reason she even came was because she thought I couldn't get a babysitter and therefore wouldn't be there. I was very nice to her, offered her a glass of wine, and tried to be friendly. She was short and rude with her answers. When we all went to the bar we were going to she ordered one drink and left with her friend. We never heard from her again. I guess that shows what her intentions were.

Sorry to go off into my story but I thought that might help. If you are being honest about your friends then there shouldn't be an issue. There is no reason you can't have friends of the opposite sex as long as they are your friends to be your friends and no other reason. Usually (but not all the time) the girls who are after you and not your friendship will get bored of not getting what they want and move on.

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