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Women are only looking for one thing if they are not married. Yes I am sorry but that is the way I feel. I do not trust any women , there is no need for me to. BUT i do trust my dh so i am fine with him hanging out at the bar and meeting someone. He comes home and tells me a joke or what they tried or did to someone else that he was watching. We also watch when we are together and we see women that know the guy is married go up to them.

If you love your girlfriend/fiance' then you will respect her wishes. BUT the problem is is that you will have to figure out if she is just being controlling. For you to have no life and no friends is absurd. First its girls then its your guy friends...then you are all alone. so watch yoruself.

When she is with you longer she might calm down but know this WOMAN are always jealous no matter what they say. They might trust you but not the women so dont take her saying she doesnt want you near as her not trusting you she just might see the look in thier eyes when they watch you and she doesnt like it. Personally i wouldnt either but I am a mean girl and I can be a beast and will defend what is mine. Yes i said what is mine, I dont own my dh but I surely will fight to keep him! LOL His friends all know it too and when a girl comes up to them to talk they warn her. LOL (blushing) But please make sure this isnt a controlling thing.

If her heart is pure then respect it and dont say things like oh you have nothing to worry about. Because you have no clue what your female friends are thining. we are women adn we know.

Trust your gut that is all i can say. Dont down play it either or she will get mad. Let her know you understand her feelings and will be aware of your female friends trying to get him when he is taken.

I say this.....if he wants you then he can have you, BUT if he doesnt want you then you are mine and i hit hard >>LOL

good luck and remember THINK before you speak or frying pans might have to be ducked
[QUOTE=Kwagmire;3160412]This is what i'm worried about. She had openly admitted on many occasions that she is even jealous of my best mate. As a result i have seen less of him too[/QUOTE]

thats silly. u shouldnt have to see less of ur best mate. my boyfriend has been best friends with his friend for 20 years or so. he also has other close male friends too. there is a group of about 5 of them and i let him go and have dinner with the boys, watch movies with them. when the world cup was on last year, he went and saw his home country play on a tv in a bar with his mates. he then took me to federation square in melbourne to watch australia and brazil on the big screen. its important for him to have his boy time and i respect this. i even tell him to invite them out with us too. my boyfriend and i usually hang out on sat nights together. we havent said that we have to hang out every saturday but it usually just happens. i was having dinner with him during the week. this was a few weeks back(i assume u know what im talking about as you're aussie) and he said, "do u mind if i go and watch melbourne victory play on sat with the boys?" i laughed and i said, "are you asking for my permission to watch the soccer?" he said, "no but we usually hang out on saturday and i dont want to upset you." im thinking how sweet but i said, "we can always hang out on friday night or even sunday, its no big deal and u can go to all the soccer games if u want." he sometimes invites me along to the games but hardly ever because its reserved for the boys and thats fine with me as we always hang out and do stuff together anyway. besides i was never a big soccer fan. the euro is on next year and he said im welcome to go to bars and stuff with him and his mates to watch the games. so, my advice to u is dont give up you friends especially your male friends. ill tell u a reason why. one of my boyfriends friends got a girlfriend. she became very controlling in a manipulative way. anyway he is now married and my boyfriend and his friends want nothing to do with him anymore. they would invite him out and he wouldnt come out so they ditched him. dont let this be you. friends are for life!! a girl that loves and respects you would not take you away from your friends. after all im sure she has female friends and enjoys her girls nights out too.

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