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Um DUH for were a size 18 when he met you so whats his deal. DUMP HIM.

I too have a disease, it is hyperthyroidism. Grave's Disease is the form of hyper i have. I have it under control and know my triggers BUT there are off days and well I deal with it nicely.

I remember a time when I was a size 5 after I gave birth to my first child at age 21 and I am 5'8" and no it wasnt pretty to look at . I was so ill. And yes every one said oh wow do you eat? ARe you so skinny(i hate that word), you dont eat enough, are you anarexic, there are treaments for that sort of thing. O good Lord I was so angry.

I always made fun of my hips tho....because at age 16 my hips were a great 41 1/2 inches. Big for having babies, like them good ole german women do. I use to laugh that i was so thin but here are them big ole baby makin hips was nice to have that. But wasnt big but htem hips rocked !

When i met my dh he knew I would make fun of myself and asked why i did , i said because i was confident enough to do so. And its not a put down of myself its just fun for me to do it for myself. He tends to agree and comments as well. Only time he doesnt is when I am pregnant.(he knows better).....Being skinny or fat or obese or even anarexic is not fun when people wont shut up about it.

I tried to gain weight during my pregnancies because i knew my body would go out of "remission" they call it after the pregnancy adn i would loose weight to fast and too much so gaining a bit more helped. well this time i gained weight and have kept an extra 20 lbs on and am thrilled. I sag here and there and have a chunk of fat here and there but wow i look healthy so why care.

IF You are ill or have no been to the dr. for a check up please do so. Make sure you dont have hypothyroid(the one that makes you overweight) make sure you dont have hypoglycemia( very common in women), if you feel run down and lazy well get up and walk. Your size doenst matter as much as your energy level and your health does.

If you sit around eating all day and dont walk or move then yes you should get some help and start treating your body right BUT only for you and your own health NO ONE ELSE.

DUmp that bf he is useless and wont help you in any way.

I am a mother of 4 and have a great supportive dh and you have to be confortable with who you are and what your health status is. So if bf gets you down then get rid of him.

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