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Sounds a lot like my relationship, long distance and all!
We also see each other every other weekend for three days. The sex drive sounds to me like he is bottled up for the two weeks you don't see each other so of course when you get together it's going to be a lot about sex. He's a guy and is only getting it when you come to town so he's getting his fill so to say. That's my take on that.
Now the whole not listening to you, I can totally relate. I talk to my BF every night before bed. I listen to his stupid stories about work and whatever else he rambles about and I do the "yeah, uh-huh" to let him know I'm listening. But when I tell him about my day or something going on in my life I get complete silence and no response. It hurts. It's disrespectful. And how your guy broke into laughter about a commercial on TV?!? That is just plain rude. I think he did it on purpose to hurt you. I don't know why, maybe he was angry at you and wanted to let you know in a round about way...?
So is the major problem arguing? If so, examine the way you approach your talks with him. Are you sounding accusational? Are you using words that might cause him to be defensive? I remember in high school this great lesson they taught us.... Never use the word "you" or "never" or anything like that because it causes the person to become defensive. Always use "I feel" to convey your feelings. So instead of saying "You never call me", you would say "I feel like I am the one making contact".
I'm not blaming you in any way, but it's just a suggestion if arguments are the problem here. Sometimes it's all in the approach, tone, and words used.
Long distance relationships I have found are sooo hard. I think they're worth a shot, but expect more problems than normal. Keep working at it until you see no way out and no hope. It sounds like you still have hope, you're just venting and looking for a quick fix.

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