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I really am at a lost end and dont wish to bring this up with anyone i know, so in comes HealthBoards.

My boyfriend and i met talking online just over a year ago and clicked instantly. We didn't become an item till march this year due to his past with failed relationships, and i still believe now that we only became official because i pushed for it. I posted here a while ago about issues that still apply now. His overly high sex drive is still a pain and although we get on like a house on fire when we're together, sometimes i cant help feeling like it's more about the sex.

We argue so much when apart and i often get the feeling that he makes no effort and it's always me making contact. I feel like i'm not respected a lot of the time and sometimes he's just plain rude.
The last week or so i have been in a state of mild depression and although it probably was not caused by him, it's certainly carried on because of him. He's been ignoring me even though he says he hasn't. It's all adding up and getting on top of me. He also has issues with saying that he loves me, he can never bring himself to say those words apart from on rare extremely happy occasions. Sometimes a girl needs to know she's loved even when she's down and not laughing!
Last night i was trying to make an effort and eventually opened up and began telling him about recent events that had been going on that were important for me and half way through me talking he interrupted by laughing and saying "haha, sorry it was just a funny advert on the TV" !!!!! HOW RUDE! I snapped and told him we needed a well overdue break and we haven't spoken since. I'm really not sure where to go from here. I've written all the bad things that bother me here but i still love him and when we get on it's the best feeling ever, but i cant take these arguments anymore. I get depressed easily enough as it is. I want to just take him back and let everything be fine again but i'm not sure if the same thing is going to happen again. I couldn't bear losing him :(

ANY suggestions would be great, thank you

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