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Re: Husband quarrel
Aug 21, 2007
Another thing for you to keep in mind is, if you plan on ever going back to work at some point, you're going to have to explain during the interviews about your gap in job history. A large number of women have gaps in their job history when they have taken time off to care for their children, and that type of thing is common. Potential employers don't usually have a problem with that.

But if you're just not working just because you don't feel like it, that's not going to look very good to a potential employer. I suppose it depends what kind of job you're looking for, maybe for a part time job, it wouldn't matter as much. But if you're planning on going back to a full time career at some point, they are not going to look favorably on your gap in job history. It's just not going to look good for you. And they will most likely choose the candidate with more job experience and more job history. You're going to have a lot of trouble finding an employer who will hire you!

I don't see why you wouldn't just get a part time job right now, even, just to be doing something else with your time. I would personally be going nuts if I had to stay home every day with nothing but chores to keep me busy. It's not intellectually stimulating enough and it would get very boring very fast.

Currently my best friend is the only one working because her husband can't seem to keep a job. She has been the primary bread winner almost since their marriage started, almost 10 years ago! You'd better believe she is totally resenting the situation because her husband would rather go out and play golf all day than to get a job! Things are not going well for them, and their future as a married couple is looking bleak.

In this day and age, unless the couple is totally rich, I don't think it's fair for one of them to stay home and not work (when there are no children involved). Because there is bound to be some resentment occuring with the working person, and rightfully so. My friend that I mentioned above is seriously thinking about divorce because she's had it with her husband not bringing in any money. And I don't want to be mean but 50 thousand isn't that much income for a 2 person household. It's really not that much, and it will be even less so once you have kids and have to start paying for all of the stuff associated with having kids. In fact, if you guys have a mortgage and car payments, utilities, food expenses, etc, then I don't see how 50 grand would cover all that stuff?

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