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Re: Dreams
Aug 21, 2007
[QUOTE=agirl01;3168556]Lately, several of my dreams have been of my boyfriend cheating on me or picking other girls before me. I usually wake up crying most of time. Am I just afraid?

My boyfriend had 2 dreams that he was angry at me and tried choking me. The scary thing was that he really did try choking me in real life. Luckily I was half awake both times, so I pushed his arms away.

Does anyone believe that dreams relate to real life? Has this happened to anyone else?[/QUOTE] Your dreams are totally the result of insecurity on your part. You are taking your fears into your sleep, and processing them as dreams. Your BF's experiences are more worrying. If this keeps up, he may need to get treatment for a sleep disorder, eg parasomnia or night terrors. I don't know what may be causing this, but it is more than dreams. Is he taking any medication? this can be a side effect of some drugs. Don't ignore this, there is nothing spooky or weird about it, it is a sleep disorder. Sera

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