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Hi all,
Just an update. Well i'm sitting here today feeling a mixture of feelings after events that took place last night. i'm half afriad to even step out side my door right now, my hole body is shaking and i feel sick.

So yesterday after he broke up with me, oh and to the posters who say just leave him wondering, i didn't break it off in the end i didn't get a chance so the txts never even came into it! I hadn't heard from him at all.I went out with my friend as planned and while i was out i got a txt from another friend. This girl has a fiancee who myself and my ex became very friendly with after i had introduced my ex to them. We all just got on great. My ex even got her fiancee a job. So anyways, i'm not to mad on the fiancee, he has a bad temper and i've always felt that he always see's the bad in people like he's paranoid that theres always bad in everyone. he'll always say, about someone new i introduce, ah emma i'm not sure about him/her, when he doesn't even know them and thats all i said about the guy. So me stupidly said this remark to my ex after a falling out between all of us after i got my wires crossed about something. He, being the fiancee blew it up into something it wasn't and started accusing people of lying. It was all very silly.

Gonna make up some names here cos it could get confusing.. lets say my ex is called james, my friend is call lucy and her fiancee is called paul.
So while i was out i get a txt from lucy saying whats all this your saying to james about paul, things that aren't even through. i was thinking ah here we go again after the previous incident. So i had no credit and replied on my friends phone saying " no credit not really sure what your talkingab out to be honest, will try txt you later" so i'm thinking what the hell has james said.So i get a reply back saying, dont' come over all inocent with know exactly what i'm talking about. saying that paul is paranoid all the time ring any bells" so i'm thinking oh my god how he has twisted that for his own gain. So that was it i was never ever seeing that guy again.

Then things got nasty. I txted him saying i wanted my stuff back, which included my phone charger and a very expensive necklace. I said i'd call out tomorrow nigth and get it, he said he was off all day so is aid i'd call out before 12 and get it. he replied saying wellm ake sure it's before 12 cos i'm going out. turns out i cudn't get that lift so i asked could he just drive to my house and i come out and get it. he said he wasn't bothering come near me and that if i wanted my stuff i could come get it. he also said he wanted his teddy and his dvd back as all they where fit for where the bin, then another txt saying acutally no i'm just gonna **** all your stuff in your garden and you can **** anything you have from me in the bin, there worth nothing after you got your grubby hands on em. HE then procedded to tell me how i was controlling and twofaced and he had had enough of my manipulative ways and that even ****(a girl he works with who kissed him who doesn't even know me) agrees. Told me he was gonna go down to where my friend works and tell her the things i said about her, to let everyone know what a horrible person i am. I wasi in total shock. only the previous night he cuddled me and told me he loved me, never wanted to break up yada yada. How can someone jut turn around and be so hurtful. So i replied nd said i'm coming down tonight to get my stuff, i just wanna get it and never see you again. he said he wasn't there so i said that i was gonna call down anyways and just get it. to which i get a rely saying. if you go anywhere near that house while i'm not there i'll come straight down to your house and smash every window in it(with a curse word thrown in to every second word!) so i'm in the middle of town now totally shaking at his treats and just how aggressive he was getting. Then i get another txt saying i'll be there. So i went down with a friend who brought her step brother with us, just in case and i got out of the car(he brought a friend with him, a girl who tried to break us up 3 times and who told him all sorts about me that weren't even true) I went to take the bag and he just put it on the ground and made me pick it up and that was it i just walked off. I got back into the car and found a cd i had bought him and the case smashed up to bits. So then i started bawling.

So its the next morning andi'm just realising just how luck y anescape i had. he had the potenial to i think be very very aggressive and well god knows what else. i'm now afraid to step outside my door in case i see my other twofriends which he has turned against me, they are NOT the kinda of people to get on there bad side.i just feel so sad and down and constanly shaking now. I just can't get my head around how someone who claimed they loved you, claimed ah they'd give u the moon and the stars could turn like this. i'm now afraid of the guy. whats more i just dont' understand what on earth i did to make him go like this. to say all those things about me.

I know i'm a nice girl, all i did wrong was love a guy and take his controlling ways for to long but no its been turned around to look like i was that way. So when college comes i'm just staying away from guys. all my trust in them is just gone. from one who cheated on me ater 3 years and engaged, to another who would look at me while i sleep and tell me i'm beautiful tell me he wanted to spend his life with me tot hen smashing up my cd;s and telling me he's smash up my house. i've realised this guy is not right int he head at all. he once told me how he ledt an ex with a massive bruise on her leg because she cheated on him and he made it out to be an accident. i saw ALL the warning signs but thought na he loves me. wht a fooli was.
I'm not used to things like this. i'm a quite girl who doesn't like fights or confrontation, they sacre me so i'm all shaken up. i can't wait now to go away and get out of here but thats gonna be 3 long weeks. Plus as i said i'm afriad to go out. i'm heading out on sat night, he knows where i'm going to be, i'm terrified he's gonna turn up with the other two friends and start something.
Ah i dunno. right i think i'mgonna have a lay down. Sorry its so long but i needed to get it all out. thanks.

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