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[QUOTE=emma j;3168701]What did you??
I'm sitting here feeling sick to my stomach, feeling like its happening all over again. what is wrong with me that any guy i'm with has to be doing stuff behind my back.
I'm with my bf nearly 2 months now and before i got with him i knew he was a total ladies man but felt that his feeling for me where genuine, that he did love me and believed him when he said all the stuff you "should say" to win a girl over.
Well before he was with me he was seeing a much older woman. About 2 weeks into us seeing each other he got a txt off her and i saw it cos i was laying on his chest. So i asked him about it the next day. He said that yes she had txted him but that he wrote back once then ignored her. Said that he loved me and wouldn't do anything to make us split up. So we've been going through some up's and down's, our honneymoon period is well and truely gone and we haven't been getting on well.
So last night i had this dream that i looked through his phone and found txts. So i woke up this morning with this horrible feeling. My gut feeling never ever fails me so i made the decision that while he was int he shower i'd look at his txts. Yes i know it was wrong off me but well i'm glad i did.
I found txts from her only a day and two days old. These where not normal txts. i won't go into what they where but from the txts he had to have been replying back more than one word answers. The txts he was recieving where not the kinda txts that you allow to happen more than once if you have a gf.

So what do i do. I really trusted this guy. considering what i went through with my ex and his history i really trusted him. How to i approach this subject with him. Yeah i'm gonna be made to look like a snooper but i had good reason to. He has a very bad temper and i'd rather not say it to his face but well txts aren't the best way of doing it either.
So what do i do, i feel so so sick right now. Thought i'd found a good one. i'm due to go away in 3 weeks for college how on earth can i trust him now, thinking what is he gonna be doing while i'm away. i'm just home from his house and usually i'd have txt him well by now but even in the car i as really cold and of with him so he's gonna sus thats somethings up soon.
Anyways, thats enough rambling.

I should prob add that this isn't he first situation of something happening with an ex.[/QUOTE]

Sorry but if you knew that he was i ladies man before hand, chances are he most probably won't be fateful to you alone.
What did the messages say? Was it sexual or was it two friends just having a conversation?
Since you read the texts, you need to confront him about it.

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