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So my ex-boyfriend called me many times a couple of weeks ago after we wrote very nice and loving emails to each other saying good bye leaving the door open for the possibility for us to get back together in the future if we want it. He was the one, who broke up with me 6 months ago and I did not want that. But he told me that he is too scared to loose me and he can see himself with me in the future but not now. He said not to close any door behind me.

So afer sending the emails, 3 days later he sent me a message asking me to talk. He said it was too hard not to talk to me and he was not well about saying good bye. We talked a few times and he was very kind with me. He was telling me that I mean a lot to him and if we can find another way than saying good bye.

But then the situation got complicated and in the end I told him that we need to walk away from this as it is too hard. He said that he will respect my decision but I started to feel weak about my decision. All the things he said to me that we might loose each other completely if we walk away and asking me if I didn't want to save us and so on made me doubt it so I was trying to find out what he wants. but he then started to tell me that I need to make a decision and stick to it. I was surprised with his reaction. As he was the one who was so scared of me walking away. So i told him that we should not contact each other and maybe meet 6 months later to see how we feel. At first he said yes but I felt I would be still waiting here for him so I then said that maybe it's not the best idea and we should just say good bye.

Anyway, he told me to make a decision and to let him know.He said that he thinks we shouldnt meet 6 months later as it would be like now and he would not have the feeling he could loose me and he said we should stick to what we wrote in our emails and contact each other only if we feel we want to try again. I was very surprised he was prepared to do that so this morning I told him that I realise that he prefers for us to walk away and that he doesn't seem to worry anymore about loosing us and that I am going to stick to what we said in our emails and that it's a real shame because now it's going to be the end completely and I said good bye to him. When I sent him the message after that I felt so sad, I switched off my mobile and I haven't opened it since. I don't want to have it on. I just want to walk away in peace. I am so hurt though. I still love him very much and I am worried that because we finished in this way, there is no possiblity for us to get back together in the future? Do you think I have done wrong to close the door behind me? Please help, I am feeling down.

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