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KLA you are not alone in feeling so miserable and wanting him to miss you!
Lots of people your age go through this just as we speak. It is very normal because it is an axiom of young age that it is so volatile and so very confusing.
You both need to move on and enjoy life and as improbable as it seems to you now, you [B]will [/B]meet other more interesting people with whom you will really want to spend the rest of your life with. Right now you both need to experiment, to be free to feel and live and not tie yourself down so early.
The fact that he still has a 16 year old girlfriend at home just proves my point: He is still very unstable and does not know what to do with himself and his feelings. He also doesn't seem to want to settle down with anyone, not just you.Also the fact that you have been dating since 15, means that the relationship has changed because it is maturing and both of you are growing older and wiser and have changing needs and feelings.
So, it is not you, as a person, he is rejecting, it is commitment.But he doesn't seem to have figured it out yet! MY OPINION OF COURSE! Sorry you are hurting!:(

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