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He mentioned that he always hung out with girls when we first started going out. That wouldn't bother me. And I think I've met most of the girls he hung out with except for the one that started texting him recently and he said she was a girl from work he used to go to school with. My problem was with the type of girls he hung out with. He told me that if a girl stripped naked and started grinding on top of him then he wouldn't be able to stop from having sex with her because he would get hard. Now I know that situation is a little far fetched, but the kind of girls he hung out with are exactly the kinds of girls that would do that.

Also, he never wanted to hang out with them when I was around. He said that was because he always wanted us to be alone when we were together, but now that we've broken up he's saying he's finally getting to hang out with these girls like he used to. I never stopped him, but he can't expect me to just jump up and say "let's go hang out with those girls you were talking about." (He's 19) When some of these mid-teenage girls started texting him I started having a problem with it. For one, the main one used to be his girlfriend. Around March of this year this girl spread a rumor that she had slept with my boyfriend, his brother has a graffiti table where a guest can write a message on it and she wrote "I love (his name), love (her name)", she would come into his house and lay down on his bed next to him...I mean, very untrustworthy stuff. And when she was texting him, she was flirting with him. The first time he said he told her boyfriend and then deleted them so I couldn't see them and get mad at her. And that was recently. The other girl texting him was going out with his brother and "accidentally" flashed my at-the-time boyfriend, so I'm sorry that I don't trust them. I've told him this and he said I ment more to him than them, but I guess not.

His current job gives him Mondays and Wednesdays off. He works 1-10 pm and has an hour lunch around 5. I would go down after school on Friday and be there for his lunch break, wait around for him to get off work, and then we'd do something and go to bed around 1 or 2 a.m. Then, because I was in school all week and he was working, we wouldn't even wake up until right before he had to go to work. I've spent so much time waiting for him to go to break or waiting for him to get off of work...I mean, if you add that up it's about 10-11 hours in a roughly 50 hour period. That means 40 hours is spent either sleeping or waiting. I'm sorry, but 10 hours isn't enough for me. So yeah, I asked him to come up on one of his days off because I only had class until noon so we could spend more time together.

We live in different cities because I'm in school and he was not ready to leave his parent's house. He was supposed to start school in January and was actually supposed to take an entrance test last wednesday but his dad decided to go work on the pipeline and leave the house to my ex, so now he's gotta pay all of the bills for his parent's house and has to put his future on hold. He said they won't be back for two years.

The reason he wanted to take a break was to spend more time with his dad (which, from what he's been telling me, he hasn't really been spending too much time with his dad and more with his friends). He told me the reason he asked me out in the beginning was because his dad was incarcerated and he pretty much needed someone to replace his dad for a while. He got into drugs and alcohol after his dad left and he wanted someone to help get him off of that. I'm just afraid that after his dad leaves he's going to decide he needs a girlfriend again and come back to me. I don't want to just be around because he needs a replacement for his dad. And what happens if his dad comes back and starts complaining about how much he's changed again? Is he just going to toss me aside again?

While his dad was in jail we spent practically every minute together. Then we were living near the same town so I would get up in the morning around 10, go over to his house and wake him up, and we would spend the day together until I had to go home for curfew around 10-12 depending on the day. He told me he wanted me to come over every day. Then when his dad got out, his dad started complaining that he changed. His dad would boss him around and make my ex clean his dads apartment and do his laundry. I told my ex that it wasn't fair that he had to do everything while his dad lay around all day watching tv. So I think yeah he changed, but it was for the better, and now he's changing for the worse...

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