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Ok, I haven't posted here in forever, but I'm really getting tired of meeting all of these "wimpy" acting guys. A lady who knows my family introduced me to a guy 2 years ago. We went on one date and talked on the phone several times, but never went out again. Fast forward to the present......I received an email from the same lady a few weeks ago (hadn't heard from her since the last time) stating that she had someone else she wanted me to meet if I was still single/not in a serious relationship. I emailed back and told her ok, so she gave the new guy my number. He called and we went out to dinner. He asked if he could call me again---said he had a really nice time, called and texted me the next day, blah blah blah. He acted all into me in the beginning. Then I found out he was good friends with the guy she set me up with 2 years ago (who is married now). Kinda weird. Then all of a sudden he starts acting not as interested---stopped calling as often, sending random text messages instead. Then he calls and asks me to go to a concert with him and the other guy and his wife. I told him that it sounded fun, but I might be going out of town that weekend. He then said he would call me in the next day or so to see if I could make it. He never called. I then heard from him the day of the concert after I sent a text message saying that I hoped his dad was doing better (he had been sick). He replied back to the text, then called me to see what I had going on. I told him that I didn't go out of town and he invited me to the concert again, but said that the other guys wife wasn't going and it was just going to be all guys. I told him that I would probably do something with my friends instead---it was kinda a long story, blah blah. Then 2 of my cousins and their wives (whom I am friends with) called and invited me to the same concert with them and some friends. I decided to go with them, and I called back the set up guy to let him know. He was excited and we said that we would see each other there. He ended up following me around like a puppy dog almost the whole concert. He is a quiet guy who doesn't really talk very much---he also said he doesn't really like crowds. Anyway, at the end of the concert (which was this past saturday) he gave me a hug and told me that he was really glad I came. Then as I was walking away he said he would "call me". Well--didn't hear from him again until he sent a "text message" on wednesday which stated "hey! what have you been up to?". I know we are not in a relationship or anything, but this really annoyed me. When someone says that they are going to "call" I want an actual phone call---not a text message. I am starting to think he is just not that into me---or he is taking the "wimpy" safe way out by sending a text. What do you think?

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