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Went on a trip for my after-prom to a chalet in the end of June with some friends. I knew her name because she was in one of my classes in the last couple of years and she went out with someone that I know for about a year and one month. He broke up with her in November, but found another girl almost right away.

We had the chalet for 5 days, but she was only able to stay for three. I really enjoyed my time with her while canoeing, eating dinner and wiping the dishes she was washing. When she left it was kinda boring over there. I was sort of in love with her.

When I came back in town, she happen to have added me on MSN. I was very happy and so we started knowing each other more. We chat everyday at least once.

Two weeks later, she went on a 2-week vacation to Mexico. That affected me alot because I missed her so much. Was very glad when she came back. A couple of days later, she asked a friend to ask me if I loved her. I don't like when people ask me who I love so I said maybe (real answer was yes). He told me she was excited because she tought I loved her maybe, and he told me she loves me.

We continued to go at each other houses. Our friends and I gave her a surprise party near the third weekend of August. Went to her house a couple of days later, on the 20th, to also give her a present (a bear tootoo). We always have fun when we see each other. However, two days later, she wrote me a message that she didn't know if she still loved me, and that she wanted to know if I loved her.

I chatted with her the same day, later at night, and said the truth, that I do love her. She was so happy and said she thinks she does loves me, she just doesn't knows. For the next week, we would be writing "i love you" when it was time for one of us to go to sleep, in chatting and emailing.

Saw her last wednesday, only for 4 hours since we had school, it was fun. Except she later told me on MSN that she still didn't know.

It's like we say "i love you" through chatting and emailing, and we're all happy. But right after we see each other, she doesn't knows. I'm thinking that with all those "i love you"'s being said through the PC, it's like having a relationship with your computer. It's been like 9 months since she got her heart broken by that guy, so I know she doesn't want to rush in too fast, but I'm willing to give her time and help her.

I'm known for being a shy boy. When I'm with her alone, I'm fine. But if there is her parents or mine, I am mostly silent or calm.

For the guy who broke up with her, she said it took 5 months until it became official that they were boyfriend-girlfriend. We've known each other for 2 now. It may take a little bit longer for us to be official, but how could I help her with, what, ect?

Help!! Tips!! Advice!! Anything!!

Almost got in a relationship a couple of years ago with another girl, however I didn't see us going anywhere, so I let it go by. She turned out to be a pot smoker. But, for this possible relationship, with me and the girl I've been writing about, I see potential, I see us going very far in life together.

Help!! Tips!! Advice!! Anything!!

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