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Chère, Laylah, I just wanted to check on you to see how you are doing today. I hope that you have come to a decision. Sweetie, I am not giong to say "dump him" beucase we're not in high school anymore, those things aren't easy and done in a matter of five minutes between classes. But I do hope you are thinking about you really want to be with someone whose sense of entitlement is so skewed? Or that has a lvoely, beuatiful, toned GF who enjoys intimacy but still feels the need to do the five-knuckle shuffle over some pictures on his cell phone?

Again I say, there are LOTS of men who don't like porn, just as much as we despise it. And they are not uptight stuffy men, either. (my Husband is disgusted by it, and he's a SOLDIER, for crying out loud!) A lot of men feel they same way abotu the exploitation and so forth that we do.

And clearly, your BF isn't one of them. I'm very very very sorry to be so harsh, and I hope you forgive me, but I think his exucse of you shouldn't have been looking on the phone is stupid. And I think that if he feels that he needs to hide it becuase you don't like it....well that can be turned around. If you were having an affair and hiding it beucase he woudn't like it, but then he found out.....would he be to blame for accidentaly running into your online chat logs, or overhearing a late night phone call? Of course not.

Cherie, I only want the best for you. I really hope you look into your options here. I know that you don't want to leave him, but the reality here is that your relationship has changed, forever. Are you prepared to live with these changes and adapt to them? In my opinion, I wouldn't.... nothing would drive a wedge between my husband and i more than porn. In both his and my opinion, a man getting pleasure from porn is the exact same thing as a man getting pleasure from another woman/women. But please, I do beg you, don't let my opinions influence yours. I just want to hear about [I]you[/I] ma chère.

xoxoxox Geneviève-Angélique xoxoxo

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