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[QUOTE=gib;3195669]To push you over the edge, view it this way, it'll be a incredible experience, it always is, and it's actually fun after you've gone through it. EVEN IF SHE SAY NO, you'll have a great rush, you'll feel great just having done it, and quite frankly you probably won't care if she said no, the feeling is that good! It's kind of like Bungee Jumping, not that I'd bungee jump, but you're absolutely terrified, your head's spinning, your heart pounding, and you just do it, wow what a rush![/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][COLOR="Magenta"]gib[/COLOR], you're so right, dude! I know what you mean about disconnecting from the actual girl in question; it clouds the mind from what is essentially a very simple task which translates to any girl/guy that one might approach with the intention of seeking a date. There really is no winning and losing in this - just practice :) And it really is a rush![/COLOR][/FONT]
I could see she was really nervouse about it, and was turning very red. I guess she got very embaressed!! So i asked her to tell me later. With that she smiled and left my office.
Now if she dosen't tell me then i know she isn't intrested. However if she does then i'll know she is intrested. She has me on her *******, all it will take is one message. At the end of the day she now knows how i feel :)

A for effort, F for follow-through, you let the fish off the hook, she bluffed you folded, avoid any future careers in used car sales. Your only saving grace is that she has to come to your office, so hopefully your job isn't finished yet. When you let her off the hook with the "So i asked her to tell me later" you should have inserted some gentle persuasion with a "No pressure, just a drink, I'd like to get to know you better" and you've indirectly supported your initial question. If she's still choking, only then would I suggest what you said.

Now you've only made it more difficult for yourself when you didn't go in for the kill. Her pick-up radar is active and locked on you, all pick-up barriers are armed, she probably already has a couple 'way outs' prepared in her mind. You showed your hand and she knows the game is on now. Even if she's interested in you, she will still be very alert to your pick-up routine and will be ready to shoot you down in flames if the need arises.

"Now if she dosen't tell me then i know she isn't intrested" BS, us guys pray for the slightest bit of interest. I'd be willing to bet that even if there is the slightest bit of interest from her, she's going to be way too embarressed to actually call, text, whatever, you back. You shouldn't have left it up to her to get back with you. Either way, you would now assume you need to step up your game for the future by flirting with her more, smiles, hello's, all the usual stuff to reaffirm your interest.

"She has me on her *******, all it will take is one message." For heavens sake, please ditch the thoughts of indirect attempts at communication, you wanting to give her a note asking for a date, and now saying all she has to do is call, text, IM, whatever it was that was edited out of your post. You wouldn't ask her out by texting her, would you? I surely hope not! You've got to respect yourself enough to want a face-to-face answer to your question if you've asked her out face-to-face...

...That's why I say your job as tougher now, she knows you're checking her her out now, her pick-up barriers are ready if needed, and now you'll have this awkwardness in trying to follow up your question, things are different between you two now. The awkwardness is in itself difficult to overcome, you'll feel like an idiot 'hitting' on her again. You need to tread lightly though, running her off for good can be very easy to do right now!

I'm just saying these things for your own good, not to be mean. But I see your job as half done, you've slipped a little, but even if she didn't text you back or perhaps says no right now, I'd suggest you need to continue to lightly work on her with the hello's, smiles, and prepare yourself for another attempt down the road. Don't give up easily, but don't pressure her too much either. You'll get some clues on how to proceed as you see her again in the office.

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