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What does it mean if my boyfriend of 6 years minus 5 months...Keeps on talking to his ex girlfriend?

I am three months pregnant, me and my boyfriend have been together up until last year when we split and he dated this girl for 5 months-ish, and I dated another guy for 1 month-ish.

We ended up getting back together, and while he was with her in those 5 months, he cheated on her several times with myself.

But now we have been back together for almost a year and he keeps on texting her, and its not text like hey whats up how you been? its text talking about sexual things, and tongue rings, and licking ice cream with winks, and oh whats in it for me wink...and she keeps trying to come over to his house, promising a good time, and that he has to go out with her and get trashed...

I mean this really hurts my feelings, I freak out about it and broke up with my boyfriend, because three months ago these text messages were going back and forth, and he promised me he wouldnt do it again, and I begged him to change his number but he wouldnt...Now its happening again and I'm three months pregnant this time...

He says I am freaking out about nothing, and that they are only text messages...What do you think? Am I over reacting?:confused: :confused: I am increasingly emotional and vulnerable being pregnant now, but he promised me once he wouldnt and now hes talking to her again, and it'll only lead to cheating physically especially with all the offers shes giving.

I broke up with him, because I cant take that kind of stress while pregnant and going to school and working, I am 21 and hes 23 in December.

I also wanted to mention this girl and I have gotten in verbal fights over the phone, and so now I feel even more belittled and I'm sure she feels GREAT knowing hes going behind my back to talk to her! I'm in tears!:( :(

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