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[QUOTE=Blastoff9600;3207693]There is more than your gf being small and hanging out with the wrong people to be assualted as many times as she has been there is more to her than what she might have told you. I strongly suggest you get her into counseling to help her. Not saying she is sick or crazy but she needs to figure out why she keeps putting herself in situations like she has been. cousneling will help her find out and give her the means to stop it. Without giving up on having friends. Granted she needs friends that arent involved with others who prey on women like your gf.
Best you can do is support her. And keep trying to get her to protect herself or avoid those situations.[/QUOTE]

I agree, she really needs to figure out why she is doing this to herself. Honestly, how many times can you put yourself in this sort of situation before you wake up and realize that you are not making wise decisions?

I know you said counselling is out of the question for her due to finances, but I'm pretty sure that if she looks into some sort of rape crisis group they would make the counselling and self defense available free of charge. The thing is, she needs to stop playing the victim and take control of her life or she will continue to put herself in these situations. Perhaps you could persuade her to find a support group or even take the inititive and see if you can find one in the area and offer to take her.

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