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Well for one, i know shes not doing it for attention. She always hesitates to tell me, and tells me, and ONLY me, she doesnt go off telling everyone or even her best friends, only i know. She wont tell her mom because she'd contact authorities and that might bring harm to her family, she wont tell her brother because shes scared of him getting hurt (and the career thing), and so forth. She doesnt want to tell anyone because for one, somebody might get hurt over it (which is ridiculous), two, she feels that there is something wrong with her because its happened so many times, and three, she feels that the only way things will fix is if she totally avoids going out at all anymore or just moving away to a new area (which would work, we have sick people here).

So basically, what happened happened. She is just convinced that she is a horrible person because its happened before. I keep calmly telling her that she is a great person, but its just she didnt make the wisest decisions, if you bring yourself near bad people, bad things can and probably will happen. And she has to be careful about her privacy because we had a ridiculous amount of perverts in the area. And i keep telling her yeah, the past sucks, but she needs to pull a lesson out of it to prevent it from happening ever again.

And actually, shes been doing a great job at just letting me live my life. She said she is unhappy with the change, but she understands completely. Now i see her a few hours a day, and then i have time for my own hobbies, my friends, and most of all my family and schoolwork. Shes done a great job at that, maybe not perfect quite yet, but i am freely able to do whatever i please now.
I am going to say it - Lazer, I don't believe a lot of the things this girl says. Not that I am questioning the rape, just all the guys throwing themselves at her. Her friend didn't do anything about her boyfriend hitting on another girl? Yeah right....girls are defensive when it comes to that stuff. I find it surprising that her girlfriend even invites her (your girlfriend) to come around if the boyfriend were always hitting on her. Just sounds strange.

I think she is doing this for attention and that is exactly what she is getting from you.

She needs help for her past as well as for her mental well being. I think she has some deep problems and I don't see you having a healthy relationship with her.
Yeah, i know for a fact he hits on her alot, and i know for a fact that he is involved with a horrible crowd. But i did kind of doubt that what she said really happened (the guy pinning her against the wall, etc), normally she is really straight up about things so i wouldnt expect a lie, but the way she handled it was very strange. She originally sent me a text message while i was in class saying she needs to tell me something afterward when i get to her house, i told her tell me right now since she brought it up, and she told me. I didnt handle it the way she would have expected too.

I mean i think what shes saying really IS true, but i do have a little doubt. But i know the ones in the past were really true.
I think it's really sweet of how protective and caring you are to your gf. I really do. And I don't doubt her past experiences with being raped. And I'm sure your gf is beautiful and that's why Mr. Scum keep hitting on her. But, mon cher, I must say--I'm 21, and I have seen lots of girls my age make up/exagerrate things, to try and get their bfs more 'involved' with them. Like say "Oh that man won't leave me alone, he's going to hurt me." and so their bf, honourably so, feels more compelled to protect them. Mon cher, you [I]have[/I] done everything you can to protect her. You have given her the resources to inform/protect herself. Dearest, I really think she likes playign the victim. And you are playing pander to her, cheri. I think you are a golden man and a wonderful person, and I'm sure she's lovely, but cheri.... I admit, I don't know your whoel story.... but from one of your posts, it sounds as if she would cling onto you and try to spend all your times together. And now the two of you have spent less timetogether? Could this be a way of her making sure she is always first in you rmind. I don't mean to paint her a creature, but you are such a nicce man, and I just want you to make sure that you are in a safe, healthy relationship. Which, to be honest, I don't think this is. :angel:

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