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And actually, you did get one male opinion on this thread, and he told you to end it with this guy as well! And when everyone told you it's never going to work, end it, you felt we were all being hostile and took a powder.

This is what makes me inclined to think that you didn't really want male opinions, or even to get "inside your boyfriend's head." This is just my supposition, and I don't mean to put words in your mouth, but I think you know deep down that you really should end it, but you love him and you don't want to end it, and you are still hoping that somehow something will turn out differently the next time. I think you just wanted someone to justify staying with Mr. Leave It, someone to give you a reason, permission if you will, to stay with him and keep trying to find that magic formula to control your boyfriend's actions and make him stay for good, and you thought the men would be more likely to do that for you.

Again, I STRONGLY recommend reading He's Just Not That Into You. Another book I strongly recommend is Why Men Love B*tches. I learned sooo much from both those books, I wish I had read them decades ago.

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