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Hi, My advice is don't despair, stick with him and try and relax a little. My hubby and I went through very similar experiences in our first few years. He played video games endlessly while our daughter was a baby and in the end after many discussions I calmly but firmly told him he could trade it in or I would kick it up and down the road. I am not recommending this approach but it did work at the time.
I also spent a lot of Saturday nights going to bed alone because he was up waiting for football highlights. With time this changed too, he realised going to bed when I was awake was more fun.
My husband hates coming home to an empty house and this can be useful as a little reminder of life without a wife.
However I would never recommend the you've been out for 3 hours so I am going out for 3 hours approach. This is highly contractual and I believe love should be given freely.
I would suggest that you try not drawing attention to the fact he is not at home. Be yourself, be confident, make new friends. That is more likely to attract him home earlier than 'When are you coming back?' etc
I know many couples whose relationships have not lasted as long as yours, so you must have something good between you. Value it, value each other.
We have been married for 15 years now and have a relationship that our friends envy. In fact I had so many women asking me for advice I became a relationship coach.
But we did go through all the things you have mentioned. Don't despair. Focus on his positives, strengthen yourself and show him more love than he knows what to do with.

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