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More ex problems
Sep 14, 2007
My ex and I have been broken up for about 3 weeks. Throughout the first week and a half we would text each other and I would always get so mad and end up asking why we broke up and then he'd get mad and I wouldn't hear from him for a while. Then we'd text again and it would happen again. He told me he was over me and to move on a find someone else and some friends.

In the time we broke up I got a job and started hanging out with my sister and her friends more. My sis has been single for almost a year so one of her friends gave her number to a guy she works with. They started talking and planned to meet up on Tuesday. She didn't want to meet him alone so me and the friend went with them.

Everything was going fine until my ex texted me and asked if he could get his stuff back. I was taken aback by his bluntness and told him that I was busy and he could get it tomorrow. He kept texting and I kept saying the same thing. Then my sister took my phone and texted that I was with a man. That pissed me off. Then the guy took my phone and called him and told him to leave me alone. I didn't really care all that much because I was doing what my ex told me too - finding friends and hanging out with people. He called back right away and told me to keep his stuff and throw it away and that he didn't want it.

A couple of hours later he texted me that he had been coming up here to ask me back out and that I blew it. He said some pretty mean things that I'm sure he only said because he was upset. He said that I was on a date and I should go f*** him because he didn't want me anymore. He said I'd ruined the relationship. I kept telling him that I wasn't on the date, my sister was. My sister told him and her friend told him (by that time the guy was gone). He still didn't believe me.

Why doesn't he believe me? I have no reason to lie to him, it's not like I was doing anything wrong. Even if I was on a date, we'd broken up so I wasn't committing a crime.

Why did he say that my sister and that guy ruined his chances to get back together with me? I went to his town and talked to him for 2 hours and it seemed things were going ok, that he was believing me and that we could possibly get back together. I want him back and I wouldn't do anything to purposely ruin that. All I can think about is him hearing that guys' voice and turning around when he was on his way to get me back and I keep crying. I can't handle all of this drama anymore.

I mean, if he loves me then he loves me and if he doesn't he doesn't. There's no in between, right? I don't understand why one phone call can change his mind so quickly. We were going to hang out tonight and talk about it but he backed out at the last minute.

To top it off, I might be pregnant.

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