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Ok, this may not seem like a big deal..but something is bothering me a lot. I worked at this place for a year and had this mentor type person. it's a research lab, so he's not exactly my supervisor (too young!), but he does look after me on a daily basis and he gives me work to do, etc. I'm 19 (it was a pre-uni job for the year, full-time) and he's 27. He's probably the sweetest guy I've ever met. He's so incredibly nice, but he's also very very very shy. So, it was my last day at work yesterday and then he gave me this speech in front of everyone and gave me the present from the department and got very embarrassed..but he always is! Then we all went out for dinner with people from work and afterwards I went clubbing with him and one was rather awkward, but he was dancing away because he had quite a bit to drink!! It was already awkward in the bar, because I sat with him for an hour and talked about random things, like weddings...:confused:
When I went to a different room in the club, to dance, he followed me and asked if I was okay..?! After the club, it was really strange..he tried to pick me up several times and asked if I wanted him to carry me?! I said it was okay, so he held my hand instead and we walked to the bus stop, holding hands...with the girl walking beside us. At the bus stop, he put his arm on my shoulder, and i put my head on his lap (not sure why I did this!) and he put his arm around me and was stroking my hair...then we got a taxi (the three of us), and I put my head on his shoulder and then he started massaging it and I was doing the same..and then he just held it. Then it was time for me to get off with the girl (he was taking the taxi further) and she got off and closed the door (?!) because I was trying to find my passport (which I had given to him to look after, at the club)..then it was a bit awkward, and the taxi driver was waiting for me, so i leaned to the right side to kiss him on the cheek, but he kissed me on the cheek first and then I did..the thing is, I thought he was trying to kiss me on the lips?! Thinking back, I'm not sure if he all happened so quickly and I just kissed him on the cheek and left..but at the time, I remember thinking 'oh my god!'.
Anyway, this evening I realised that my bank card was missing!! I couldn't remember whether I had given him that as well, so i called someone at work to get his number (i didnt have his number) and then called him..he was out with some friends, and it was a bit awkward when I asked about the card..he said that he does have it (he pretended to look for it first, but surely if he was out, he would've realised that he had my was in his wallet and is very different from his!!). he asked me if i wanted to meet somewhere central tomorrow, because he was going to work..I just told him i'd meet him at work, even though it's really far from my house and is in the middle of he kept asking if I was sure, and I said yes! He told me to text him to finalise the i texted him an hour ago, asking if we could meet somewhere more central, if it's along the way for him..and he hasn't replied!! I know he's out with friends, so...hopefully i'll receive a reply later/tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I'm not sure if he genuinely likes me, or if he was just drunk. I know that he's very very shy with girls and after a drink or two, he's always more talkative and relaxed. I don't know if he liked me and just didn't do anything because a) he's very shy b) he was almost like my boss/supervisor and I'm quite a bit younger...and the drinks gave him some confidence and the fact that I'm leaving work means he's no longer my boss..
Or...if he was just too drunk and didn't realise what he was doing and I'm just reading too much into this. He didn't seem uncontrollably drunk, but he was very very different..very sociable and was dancing like crazy, etc..which I don't think he would've done without the influence of alcohol. I really don't know what to think! Also, I'm going to uni in a week..which is in a different city (about 2 hours away).

I'm not sure what to say tomorrow. I knwo that it'll be awkward (it has always been awkward between us..for a whole year!) and he won't bring it up. I know that even if he is interested, he won't suggest things won't go anywhere even if he does want them to. I dont know if I should suggest going for a coffee, or if I should mention last night...or even apologise? i did put my head on his lap, etc...:confused: Should I say something like 'sorry about friday night...hope my behaviour didnt seem too inappropriate'...? or should I not??

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas...i'd really appreciate it!

P.S. Oh and he kept repeating again and again that I need a bf like him, so that i can be carried home from the club..every 20mins he would say 'you need a bf like that if you're tired...' :confused:

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