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Ok, this is a real long story, kind of a romantic comedy thats way too long..I will try to simplify it a bit, Right now im really feeling down and out, i feel like i let go off the best girl i was ever gonna find for me in this world...also, i am kind of protective of her, i worry about her a lot because of some of the people she hangs out with . I also feel weird doing this, ive been pretty succesful with the ladies the past few years, definetely more succesful than most of my friends.

A little over 3 years ago I became friends with this girl I thought was wonderful. Right off the bat we had some odd connection even though we were complete opposites. I was hooking up with someone else at the time, by the time I had broken things off with the other person, me and the girl i speak off became pretty close, id like to say we were almost best friends. Always spending time together, just the two of us, rarely anyone else. people always were under the impression that we were an item though, we were always smiling, never argued, people always made comments about how cute we looked... I always felt I had a very different relationship with her than my other chick friends. but i held back because i was just about to go away to school. anyway I went away to college, she at first talked about going to the same school as me the next year quite often, but soon things got hard. she went back with an ex boyfriend. and when she told me that on line it she didnt sound happy about it. something along the lines "yea well im kinda back with mike so........" and after a while or friendship went sour in a couple months after some things i shouldnt have said. we met up again about 6-7 months later, and after a long heart to heart which i wouldnt have even had if she didnt say she was taking a break from her boyfriend, we patched things up, but things were still awkward, the "break" was off, and a couple more fights, and we didnt talk for a long time. she broke up with that boyfriend after about 2 years. i came home from school, i realized the ******* i had been and sent her flowers with a letter saying i had feelings for her... she sent me a message a couple days later saying they were beautiful and we would talk soon. so I ran into her , and she told me to come to a party she was having, anyway, at the party we got in an arguement I dont remember. Supposedly me saying things about bad things about her friends, people that aren't exactly stand up individuals, to say the least, So I told her I was sorry, it was because im jealous and just concerned about her, i asked her out 2 a bite to eat. she didnt respond, i told her just yes or no, its not a big deal if its no, still no response. Anyway we ran into each other at a bar, and I remember nothing about this. and my friends were no help on what had happened either. So I pretty much assumed it defintely wasn't good whatever had happened. so after that, i ran into her ex who told me she mentioned to him i was going after her, he gave siome words of encouragment ironic huh? well I pretty much for a couple months tried to forget about her, attwempted no contact for a couple months, until I heard she was seeing another guy, I dropped her a really thoughtful message on how I felt,, but i got no resonse, its been a while since, I saw her recently, she had the biggest ear to ear smile on her face when she saw me, i ignored her pretty much, it seemed like she was following me around, approaching me looking for conversation, I was really ticked, whats with all these games...Its not supposed to be this way, If she doesnt like me why does she bother playing games with me?

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