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If you don't already have a king sized bed, maybe that would help.

Well to be honest me and my boyfriend just moved in together a few months ago and the bed were sleeping on is his old bed from his Moms house. I HATE THE FRIGGEN BED!! I have never in my life slept on an uncomfortable bed nightly. But theres a really comfy bed in the spare room. I have thought about going to sleep in the spare room, but I like sleeping near my bf.

So in my advice I would suggest (if the room is big enough) to bring the bed from the spare room into the master room... thats if you want to be near him..

I don't know about you, but I love waking up in the morning and the first words we say are "I love you"..then we give eachother a small kiss.. I like all that romantic stuff that comes with sleeping in the same bed. And if we didn't sleep in the same bed we would most definitely be missing out on those things.. So I kinda understand if your BF is a little hurt or maybe just disappointed.

But you're right, it's not your fault you awake easy, and can't fall asleep easily with someone in bed with you.. So in the end you ARE going to have to do what suits you best.. just have an honest, calm, open talk with him.. if he DOES love you enough then this is something he can look past..


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