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[QUOTE=apple_juice;3270041]Yeah, talkng on the phone afterwards shows just how much she likes you, and feels comfortable with you. Very good sign!
Dont give yoursef a hard time- you will look back and question things- its only natural to find out where youre at and where she is at. Youve only been on one date but you two are very comfortable around eachother. But, I am telling you, she definately likes you, ok? Youve just got to believe that.

Arrr I get asked by random people if Im a model too. Do you know how annoying that is considering im only 5 foot 4? How tall is your girl? And who does she look like? Tell me please :) If you do, Ill tell you who people say I look like then you can laugh your head off![/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Okay, [COLOR="Magenta"]apple_juice[/COLOR] - it's a deal! When I first saw her I thought she looked like Kym Ryder (née Marsh, before she married Jack Ryder). She's about 5'8" but yesterday she was wearing heels. The lady that asked whether she is a model started by saying how much she looks like Kym Marsh. It made us laugh and I asked her how often she gets it and she admitted that quite a lot of people remark about it. In fact, a few girls took double takes as we walked through town. But she's got prettier eyes than Kym Ryder - beautifully curly eye lashes - and her smile is cuter :)

Technically we've been on at least two dates now. On the second night on holiday we went out just the two of us (because my brother and his girlfriend were tired - from over-eating probably...) and got to know each other better in a bar before moving on to a club. That was the evening that gave me the confidence to dare to think that she might be interested in me. I started out thinking she was just coming out with me to be friendly and then I picked up on the complements she threw my way, and the body language, but I still couldn't really believe it and I still can't.

I think she's been playing it cool today because she only just replied to my last text message of eleven hours ago. At least it was a bit flirty. She's definitely more flirty at times than others. I know I shouldn't analyse it but I really can't help myself. I dearly want to know how she feels about me. I wish she had sent me some messages when she got drunk a few weeks ago. She might be clubbing this weekend and she's kind of invited me, but I'm tempted [I]not[/I] to go just to see if she sends me any revealing text messages! I think being together makes her nervous and she's more inclined to flirt with me over the phone or by text message at this stage.

So, go on - who do you look like? And don't knock it if people ask whether you're a model! Better a few inches too short be a catwalk model than have a face like the back end of a bus ;) And I'm sure that's a good sign that some good looking guy will show an interest in you before too long and you will forget about your ex and his childish ways. Goodness knows it's a revelation for me to be involved with a woman instead of a little girl! Anyway, now I've told you all that, it's all going to come crashing down like a house of cards... :D[/COLOR][/FONT]
[QUOTE=apple_juice;3280002]Hi EV

Sorry its taken ages to reply.

Well? Nobody tried to talk you out of it. Or did your brother like last time?
If not, did you tell her? If so, what did she say, if anything?

Did you see her? I guess not otherwise we would have had an update, right? I'd hope so anyway ;)

:) :) :)[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]No, my brother encouraged me. As did most people I consulted about it. I had to say something, [COLOR="Magenta"]apple_juice[/COLOR], because it's not in my nature to bottle things up and it was really doing my head in to keep it to myself. So I called her on Friday evening. I drove out to somewhere quiet where I knew I wouldn't be disturbed and called her mobile phone but there was no answer. I sat in the car in the dark and the cold for fifty minutes and she eventually called back but she was busy picking up her friend so we couldn't talk properly. She told me that her day had been hectic and she was annoyed at her friend for not being where he said he would be, and she was stressed out about quitting her job at work the next day. So I really should have left it but after she didn't call me back (as she said she would once she'd picked up her friend) I stupidly sent her a text message. It was too much and it's probably scared her away for good :(

I didn't hear from her all evening. After sending the message I almost immediately regretted it although it did feel good to get it off my chest. I felt like I had come clean and it didn't matter that she doesn't feel the same way about me so long as I didn't feel like I had done all last week not knowing what was going on in her head. I drove to my mate's house and we went to the pub and then I just wanted to go home and sulk. But he convinced me to come to a club and I told myself to forget about her, at least for a bit, and I had a really good night (awesome music). I got some advice from a female acquaintance of mine; that was kind of helpful. But, as I said, no reply to my text message. My brother said "give her time" but, by that time, I figured that she didn't like the idea that I like her as more than a friend.

Yesterday was horrible. I tried to stay asleep for as long as possible to avoid thinking about it all. I didn't care about my hangover and I struggled to do anything productive. I just wanted her to at least tell me that she doesn't feel the same way about me, but I guess she's the type to bury her head in the sand. I knew she was going out after work so I gave her a chance to contact me but by 23:30 I'd had enough and sent her a breezy text message to say I hope the day had gone okay and that she has a good time clubbing with her friends. She replied about twenty-five minutes later and apologised for not texting back sooner. She said the last few days have been "awful" and that she's been "distracted" but that it's "all sorted now" and she'll ring me tomorrow.

Well, it's tomorrow and still no call or further text message. This reminds me of when she last had a big night out and I didn't hear from her for over a day. I'm not going to contact her because she said she would contact me. But I get the distinct impression that she wishes she could just ignore me and I'll get the hint and go away without her having to spell out to me that she's not interested in me. I clearly mean less to her than she means to me otherwise she would have replied to Friday night's message without me having to coax her into it. As usual with girls, I just don't get it. What changed in the space of a week for her to go from being the one to call [I]me[/I] after we parted last Sunday to say she was sad the day was over and that I'll [I]have[/I] to see her again because I've got her scarf :confused:[/COLOR][/FONT]

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