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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hey guys :wave:

Thanks for your replies. I could do with some quick advice, if possible, because she says she's going to call me at 21:30 tonight (although that will probably turn into 23:30...). Firstly, I called her today - after sending her a message last night to ask if she was okay. I couldn't handle it because I was genuinely worried for her wellbeing. Of course, she was fine but busy preparing for her new job with her friend with her. [I]She[/I] said she'd call [I]me[/I], not the other way 'round. I thought that counted for something.

Here's what I plan on doing tonight: asking outright whether she'd like to come and visit this weekend. She said before that she would love to come and stay but I didn't pin her down to a date. I figured it's a good way of finding out where I stand: if she politely declines or makes an excuse then I'll know. And then I will try my hardest to leave her alone, but it will be tough because I really thought she liked me :(

So I'm not feeling too great, [COLOR="Magenta"]apple_juice[/COLOR]. Deflated is definitely the word. I just wouldn't have thought for a second that she would practically ignore me [B]all[/B] weekend. She has been very busy. She said on the phone earlier that she couldn't stop crying on Friday night because of the state she got into over quitting her job.

On Saturday when she told her boss he threw her out of the salon where she worked and caused a scene and basically said he never wants to see her again. So I can imagine she must have been in the mood to get wasted on Saturday night. She said she was very hungover on Sunday and went to bed early. Then today she and her friend (who is also changing job) have been trying to entice their clients to their new salon.

It must be very stressful for her changing job after five years and having to rely on all of her clients following her to the new salon. I should have thought better of telling her the way I feel at such a bad time. But I still think it's cruel that she's basically left it up for me to decide how she feels; it demonstrates an emotional immaturity which I didn't expect.

[COLOR="Magenta"]Nina[/COLOR], I'm trying to see the positive side as you suggest. My brother pointed out that we don't know her well enough to appreciate how she deals with stress. She does seem to bottle things up. For instance, she didn't tell me she was ill when she'd known for some time and that explained why she had been distant with me in the past.

I did need to tell her how I felt but I know I have gone about it the wrong way. I should have at least waited to tell her on the phone. I doubt, however, that she will bring up the subject of my text message this evening, which is why I'm just going to ask her plainly if she'd like to meet up again. It's making me feel sick...[/COLOR][/FONT]

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