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A bit of background first. I'm a 20 years old male, going to college, and live off campus with two girls and a guy.

Before I started going to the college I'm at now, I went to a 2 year college the Spring semester after I graduated high school. Ever since I graduated high school, I don't think I've made a single new friend (aside from my new roommates). I've always been slow to make friends, and usually only have a couple really close friends at a time. I've tried at the first community college I went to and had no luck. I rarely talked to anyone outside of class and no one seemed to be interested in anything I was. And im not some sort of loner that sits in the corner and doesn't talk to anyone. During my run in community college I didn't think too much about not making any friends since I knew I would be going to a bigger college else ware. Well now I've been at my final college for about 4 weeks now. I get along with my roommates, and I guess I could consider them my friends. But other than these 3 people, I still haven't met anyone I would call a friend. Theres people I talk to in class, but none of them seem like they would be interested in doing anything else.

Pretty much, I go to class, leave class then go back to the house off-campus. All the other kids go to class, then go back to their dorm rooms or wherever and have people to do stuff with. My roommates are mostly working on school stuff, or don't want to do anything. I've been starting to feel like I'm missing out on something. I hear all the other kids in class making plans with each other to do this and that after school, and I have no friends here, I just go home and sit with my other roommates. I've been having the same problem with girls too, I've only had one girlfriend and that was back in high school. I don't have much of a problem talking to girls as long as I have a reason to talk to them, and then I can carry the conversation from there (asking them about an assignment in class, etc). But of all the girls I talk to, none of them seem to show any interest in wanting to be friends or anything. No ones (boy or girl) ever invited me me anywhere, no ones asked if I wanted to do anything. People pretty much talk to me, then leave when class is over.

I've been getting feelings of loneliness, like I'll be unable to make friends, or find a girlfriend for the rest of my life. I get a feeling that no one likes me, that I somehow bother people. I know thats probably unlikely to happen, but I just can't help to feel this way. I'm starting to worry if I'll ever get married by my mid-thirties (I know i'm too young to worry about that now). I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever make anymore friends outside of the ones I have from childhood and high school.

Anyone else felt like this? Anyone know what to do? I'm afraid this will turn into some sort of depression.

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