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[QUOTE=chevyblues;3218945]My son and his girlfriend have gone to their second therapy session. She is bipolar and they have a 9 month old son together. Many of you have followed this story and now again things are at a stand-still. Money issues we the last topic at therapist. She just can't account for her money! It's always an argument. In my last post I wrote that I told my son to go and get the pill bottles, and he found that they were empty. He confronted her and she now has hidden all the bottles. We don't feel that they were refilled, and I specifically confronted her, as she called me crying over another issue and I told her that she needs to see her psch, that maybe she needs different meds. Right away she says that won't help her and my son. I strongly disagreed and asked her if she is taking her pills....she said Yes, named all of them...I don't believe her! What can any of us do to help her see herself....I don't think the therapist knows this just yet because this last session on Tuesday, was another blow-up over money. My son, now talks to me more openly and thinks maybe he should go into therapy himself. Not a bad idea. This whole thing is so sad....the child is an angel....I told the girlfriend that she needs to get herself straight and that she owes it to herself and her son. Her parents have given up...a big revelation..they like my son...and can tell when they walk in the door when something is up with their daughter. They tell my son, Good Luck!! Help[/QUOTE]

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 to 6 months now...he is Bipolar 2, im sure you are aware that there is a bipolar 1 and a bipolar 2. It is impossible to even talk to him when he decides to stop taking his meds. I know exactly how your son is feeling. Im only 18 years old but any questions you have, ill be glad to answer.

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