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None of these questions about your coworker matter.

You are absolutely having an emotional affair and if you don't nip this in the bud NOW the physical aspect will be following suit. She knows you are married and she tried to kiss you already!

You are not her emotional supporter. You are not the one to solve her problems. You are not the one to be there for her. What happened at the bar was completely inappropriate. If your wife knew about this I bet she would have several things to say about it!

Put the shoe on the other foot. Would you appreciate your wife behaving the way you are? Would you like the idea of her fantazing about the "what if you were married" scenario about some guy she saw at work every day?

This is a very dangerous situation for you OP. You need to put a stop to all of this now. If you can't you need to seriously consider getting out of your work environment whether it be to transfer to another department or get a different job entirely. No good is going to come of you keeping a friendship with her after all that both of you said. Honestly, it's only a matter of time before things get physical, and you know it!

I suggest you try to figure out what is missing in your relationship with your wife. In the beginning of your post you said you don't spend quality time with your family and you feel like an outsider. Well, perhaps if you spent time at home with them and not at the bar with your coworker and her friends you would feel more connected with your family?

I'm not trying to be harsh, really I'm not. But you are asking all of the wrong questions. You should be asking yourself something like this: What is missing from my marriage? Why am I not spending the qualitly time I need to at home? Why are my coworker's issues more important than my family? Do I truly love my wife as much as I say I do? What can I do to feel more connected to my family? Those are just a few to start with.

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